7 strong female characters, who won the hearts of the audience

It is the strength of the spirit that often saves us, makes us never give up and keep going through the tough times. History has given us a lot of evidence that not only men can be strong-willed, independent and successful. We present you a selection of movies about strong females, who gracefully go through the difficulties, follow their dreams and fight for love.

1. Margaret Thatcher – «The Iron Lady»

Margaret Thatcher

Even men were amazed by the amount of stiffness of this legendary woman. And even though some historians believe that not all of her “iron” methods were necessary, we still can only envy her strong character. Meryl Streep, who played Margaret Thatcher, did such a wonderful job, that it was hard to distinguish her from the real Margaret. Meryl won an Oscar for Best Actress due to this inimitable play.

On the screen, we see a personal drama of once the most powerful woman in the world. By the end of the life, Margaret almost never left her house and did not see her children. Everything she has left is just memories of past times.

2. Joy Mangano – «Joy»

Joy loved to invent things from a very young age. While all the girls were making dresses for their dolls, Joy came up with all sorts of household things for her family. But nobody believed in this girl, except for her grandmother, who used to say that Joy is a unique child. However, the years went by, the girl has grown up and found herself working at the airport, living with her parents and divorced with a husband, who still lives in her basement. But everything changes once Joy starts to invent again. “Joy” is an amazing movie based on true events. This is the life story of Joy Mangano, the inventor of Miracle Mop, which is now used in almost every household.

3. Ryan Stone – “Gravity”

Ryan Stone

The film “Gravity” absolutely proves that there’s nothing impossible for a woman, even outside of this planet. This motion picture describes a shocking story of an astronaut woman. During an ordinary working day on a space station, an accident occurs, and soon the main character remains alone with the universe and its ringing silence. With the complete lack of communication with the Earth Ryan does everything to stay alive.

It is said that when director James Cameron saw the film, Sandra Bullock’s play impressed him more than the special effects. And it is not surprising since the actress spent half a year to work out every scene in the slightest details.

4. Frida Kahlo – “Frida”

Frida Kahlo

From the earliest years life has exposed this great artist to unbearable trials. But nothing could break Frida: neither her disability, nor the absence of children, nor the constant betrayal of Diego. She splashed her whole soul on canvas, exposing all the pain. And despite all the difficulties, Frida created her own beautiful and colorful world.

Jennifer Lopez had the desire to play Frida, but the director insisted that the main character must be played be the Mexican. And he was not mistaken. Niece of the artist was very pleased with the play of Salma Hayek and even presented her one of the jewelry of her famous aunt.

5. Cheryl Strayed– “Wild”

Cheryl Strayed

After the death of her mother, Cheryl lost all hope. In search of consolation, she dives into an ocean on destructive pleasures, trying to forget everyone and everything. Having woken up on the cold floor with a completely unfamiliar man, Cheryl realizes that she cannot live this way anymore. The main character makes a rash decision to hike 1,100 miles of Pacific Crest Trail through the unbearable heat and cold to find the healing. This movie is based on writer Cheryl Strayed’s memoir and has inspired millions of women around the world. Reese Witherspoon, who played Cheryl, was nominated for an Academy Award, which transformed her from the “Legally Blonde” to a strong dramatic actress.

6. Erin Brockovich – “Erin Brockovich”

Erin Brockovich

Quite often the person is tempered with difficulties: when one falls, gets bruises and bumps, but always gets back on his feet. Erin Brockovich is a single mother, raising three children. She works in a small law firm with no career opportunities. But everything changes once she gets interested in an issue that no one else is concerned about.

This is a real story of well-known human rights activist Erin Brockovich, played by not less magnificent Julia Roberts. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented Julia an Oscar for this movie. Interesting, that Brockovich says the film is “probably 98% accurate”.

7. Leigh Anne – “The Blind Side”

Leigh Anne

The stories about real people are always fascinating. A young African American Michael Oher stayed on the verge of his life. He was alone until a fragile woman with big heart and great soul saw a little boy with dreams and desire to love. Leigh Anne gave a black teenager a new life, surrounded with care and helped him to become a star of American football.

Sandra Bullock rejected the part for three times and changed her mind only when she met the real characters. The movie became a box-office hit and brought Sandra an Oscar for the Best Actress.

About the Author: Ashton