Why we all should watch movies and TV shows?

movie theater

The cinema was invented a little more than a century ago. Since then it has dramatically changed and transformed. Nowadays cinematography, as well as television shows, is a big part of people’s life. Even children are very fond of watching it. Through movies and shows, they often learn about good and bad, make their first conclusions about characters and their actions. Watching motion pictures makes us go through different emotions. Movies about friendship, loyalty, courage and nobility develop these qualities in children and adults. Films often provide food for thought, which makes it a great source of inspiration and education.

Some people like to sit in front of a TV alone and enjoy a nice movie, while others spend a family evening watching favourite sitcom. A number of produced films and TV shows is so huge that everyone can find something to watch. Depending on the preference or even current mood, the viewer can choose anything from captivating detective stories to specialized scientific documentaries.

Unlike 100 years ago, movies are more accessible to the viewer nowadays. You can watch it at home, on your way to work on a mobile device or go to the movie theatre. Today the Internet gives a great opportunity to watch a lot of content with no need to own a TV. On the other side, a classic movie date with a girlfriend will never go out of style.

And even though there’s probably a million reasons why movies, along with television shows, can have a positive effect on life, we want to give you a couple of straightforward arguments:

1. Entertainment

In general entertainment is a great way to escape from reality and experience a boost of positive emotions. In one of our articles, we select a great choice of sitcom TV series that for at least 20 minutes will make you forget all your problems.

2. Art

Since movies have been around for so many years, this industry has developed many classic films that define a particular period of time or genre. The American Film Institute presented a list of “America’s 10 greatest films in 10 classic genres”, and we would love to tell you all about it.

3. Fascinating story

Many people watch movies because of its exciting plot. And the more the story is twisted and unusual the better. But sometimes the best stories are written by life itself. And we would love to share our selection of must-see movies based on actual events, which will keep you interested not less than the fiction stories.

4. Inspiration

When going through a tough period in life, watching a movie can be not only a way to escape stress, but also a little push to find inner strength to keep going. For example, our list of strong female movie characters is perfect for someone, who is seeking inspiration.

5. Visual pleasure

Cinematography is a form of art that day by day tries to impress the audience with its beautiful pictures. Almost magical special effects, beautiful makeup and costumes, surreal landscapes transfer the viewer into the fictional world. In our selection of highest-grossing films, you will find movies that have captured attention of millions of people.

And in conclusion, we want to say that the world of movies and TV shows is so diverse, that sometimes you might feel confused among all these choices. We are here to help you not to get lost in this ocean of stories. In any case, movies make our life brighter, so we encourage you to be a part of this beautiful art, at least as a viewer.